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Our 2023 Pine Straw Fundraiser has closed.

Thank you everyone for your support!

Thanks for your interest in helping your community through cub scouts. 

We sell and deliver in the R.D. Head Elementary school district. 

  • We are selling long needle pine straw rolls.  1 Roll = 2 bales
  • Each pine straw roll costs $11.00, and we require a minimum order of 3 rolls ($33.00).
  • All orders must be placed by Friday, February 24, 2023 at 8:00pm
  • The pine straw is delivered to your home within the R.D. Head school district. (see map below).  If you would like to place an order but live outside of the R.D. Head school district, please reach out to us at to inquire about whether we can make an accommodation.

  • 100% of profits go directly to the pack (for trips, equipment, fun experiences)

  • Delivery day is March 4, 2023, for orders within the Rivermist Neighborhood. Our scouts deliver as much as possible themselves, but larger orders within Rivermist and all orders outside Rivermist may be delivered directly by our supplier between March 1st to 12th.


Approximate area eligible for free delivery highlighted.

A delivery fee will be assessed for deliveries outside of the 5-mile radius.

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