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Camping with Pack 504

As a pack, we usually camp two times a year. We head out on Friday and enjoy the great outdoors all through Sunday; rain or shine.

Why go outdoors?

It has often been said that "Scouting" is "Outing" and going outdoors is one of the best parts of Cub Scouts.

As a pack, we camping in the fall and the spring. Traditionally, in the fall we camp with the district campground at Lake Lanier, Scoutland. These facilities, located just an hour north of us, have tons of fun for our scouts with fishing, archery, bb guns, playground that looks like a fort, campfires & s'mores and exploring the great outdoors.

In the spring, since we have a weekend under our belts, we venture out and camp elsewhere. We have stayed at Victoria Bryant & Camp Rotary, to name a few. Although these are less structured than district, we still have a great time. Parents share short lessons about the outdoors, go on hikes, practice orienteering, learn how to cook, fish and just have fun.

Here are a few things that might help:

If you have never camped before, here is a packing list that may help. Don't will not need everything on that list. The most important items you’ll need are a tent, a tarp for under the tent and bedding. Feel free to consult the list or ask any of us that have been before, if you have any questions.

With every camping trip, safety is a top priority, so we do have a few rules. We also like to point out, that we do not want the kids to bring electronic devices. We are here for a reason and that is to disconnect, enjoy the outdoors and make new friends.


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