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Welcome to Pack 504

Updated: Sep 14, 2020

Your scout is signed up for scouting. What now?

Joining a new club can be a little overwhelming, but remember we are here to help! Here are the top 5 questions, that most new parents ask.

Question #1: What uniform and handbook will we need?

Class A: Your formal uniform. We are a belt up pack. Which means that you will need a shirt, hat, belt, neckerchief and a slide. This is a great resource to help fit your scout with the uniform that they will need to obtain for their grade level. You will also need these items to go onto their uniform: Northeast Georgia Council Patch, red numbers "504", and World Crest patch. You can purchase these online or go to the scout store in Lawrenceville.

Class B: Your outdoor uniform is a pack t-shirt. While this is not required, this is traditionally our camping or outdoor"uniform". This can be purchased in our store and at pack events in the beginning of the year.

Handbook: your scout will need a den level handbook that you can get online or in the store.

Question #2: What is a den?

A den is a small group, based on your scouts grade and gender. This group will meet a few times a month to do cub scout activities that will help them work towards their requirements and electives for the year. Parent leaders and you work together to plan and facilitate the program for the scouts.

Question #3: What is a pack?

Packs are made up of multiple dens and they meet monthly. This is where Cub Scout families engage in fun activities & recognize youth achievements.

Question #4: What is rank advancement?

Each cub scout grade level is known as a rank. For the school year, your scout will work through their handbook on requirements and electives based on their rank, with their den and family members. As they finish requirements and electives, they will earn belt loops and patches. At the end of the year, if your scout has fulfilled their requirements, they will be able to graduate. They will then be able to move onto the next grade level rank, once they are in the next grade.

Question #5: Who is Akela?

Akela is the Cub Scout term for leader. At home you are the Akela. Den leaders are Akela in den meetings. Cub master is the Akela during pack meetings. But most of all we are all leaders in the growth of your scout.


Here is the full "Parent Orientation" that we show in Bobcat Bootcamp. It has most of everything listed above and then some more on the overall things we do as a pack. Don't let this overwhelm you, remember we were new parents too. Just reach out if you have questions.

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